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a german company which produces synthesizer patches & sampler sounds, music and music software tools.

((db)) was founded by Niels Dettenbach - a engineer and artist from planet earth.


from zero


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"from zero" is my public debut single, completely produced from zero - only out of my own programmed synth patches and sounds on a single hardware analog / hybride synthesizer instrument (Novation Peak). have fun!


B+B patches for Novation Peak

128 preset bank

after 6 monthes of intensive and professional work we are very proud to to publish our higly creative, musical and inspiring top class sound | patch | preset bank for the ground breaking new NOVATION PEAK. this is really high quality stuff...ß)

our "bread and butter" patch bank - contains 128+ full original patches / presets with over 200+ sounds (by animate switches) for the revolutionary new PEAK analog / hybrid synthesizer from Novation. It "completes" and extend the factory patch collection with "bread" - anything needed for writing complete tracks and with a lot of "butter" - inspiringly fresh sounding patches / sounds for creative modern music styles. further modulation pathes allows to tweak sounds even more during play.

this patch collection mainly targets studio and live artists of modern music genres - with a taste of neuro and psychoacoustics - from pop over edm, hiphop and electro to even more hard and experimental genres / styles.

get your free demo pack today (see bottom) and convince yourself...

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  • AES 2018 NEW YORK
    if you visit the 145th International Pro Audio Convention in NYC and you are interested to meet me i.e. for a small chat pls contact me by my email - will give you my local cell number (NY) too.
  • call me peak!
    speakin "peak" with the Novation Peak synth
  • Novation Peak - "from zero" demo
    a pure Novation Peak analog / hybride synth demo with own patches programmed from init and track by track raw recorded
  • building of a SHRUTI1 synthesizer
    thanks to mutable instruments and tubeohm building a 8bit synthesizer is possible within a weekend...
  • TherapSID MKII experiments
    some experiments with the TherapSID MKII SID synthesizer