with the worlds top tools and strong skills in audio signal engineering and forensics we repair and/or refurbish old audio recordings.

if you have old vinyl or tracks from old tape recordings which have hiss, scratches or crackles we typically widely eliminate these artifacts completely or at least onto a acceptable level.

typical problems we solve:

  • noise
  • hiss
  • crackles
  • humm
  • scratches
  • thinny sound
  • (slight) distortion
  • unwanted signals
  • pitch change

we offer a free check and demo - send us your track (or part lof) and we provide a part of the track in a restaurated version. if your are happy with - you buy the complete track restauration.


additionally we are equipped to do professional audio forensics in our studio - i.e.:

  • optimization of audibility of talk or other signals
  • optimization of comprehensibility of talk
  • remove or reduce "blocking" signals
  • signal analysis
  • spectrum analysis
  • spectrum modifications

if required, you get a full report of any modifications to the signal.