dettenbach audio is a german based company which crafts music, synthesizer + sampler sounds, produces modern to experimental music and developes audio / music software tools.

the company was founded by Niels Dettenbach - a engineer and artist from planet earth.

our workflows and collection of analog and digital tools is on par with other international project studios.

about Niels

Niels is the owner and heart of the company as the studio and vice versa.

his musical and technical history started as a young child, as a geek in electronics, computing and natural sciences - with a strong interest in electro-tech and neuro-/psychoacoustics.

as a multi instrumentalist he made music in different more and less known (but mostly non-commercial) bands and even orchestra projects while enjoying a lot of fun with cool friends and colleagues.

some projects


  • "From Zero" (Single / Electro, 2018, "Niels Dettenbach")
  • "Atlantis" (incompl. 1999-2000, "Atlantis"/Feeling B, Aljoscha)
  • "symphony of destruction (1997, "Kaputtniks")
  • CD/EP: "Keine Arme - keine Kekse" (1996, "James B. Sick & the Kaputtniks")
  • Song "Tulla, Tulla, Tullamore..." (1995, "Die Hoden Tosen" / "BD Club")
  • Song "Im Herbst" (1991, "Pomfortionoes")


  • Niels Dettenbach (just)
  • Feeling B / Aljoscha R. / "project Atlantis" (1999-2000)
  • James B. Sick and the Kaputtniks (1995-1998)
  • Die Hoden Tosen (1994-95)
  • Pomfortionoes (1990-93)
  • School Orchestra of Uder (1981-1989)


  • beta tester for different well known international music/studio/synth software/hardware companies (contracted - 2015-today)
  • u-he Bazille challenge (2014)
  • online Hardware presets / hardware configs for presonus studio one
  • founder / owner of different isp, internet and software companies (1995-today)

see our list of memberships in different organisationsform and communities.

credits goes to

(as far as i can recall today - just help me, if you are not here because i forget your name by the time and/or you have more names for me...)

Aljoscha (Feeling B), Max Busch (Kaputtniks), Tino Löwe / Peter (Kuno) Kühnel (artraum), Marla Glenn, "Flake", "Otze", Hager (Steinbrücken), M. Levie, the Leisegang Brothers (Keimzeit), T. Standhaft, "Trafofreunde", "Noah", "Freygang", "Berts Rache", Der Schwarze, John Key, G. Tismer, K. Bredemeier ("Der Weiße"), Toni, Norbert, "Youh", Mr. Grizzly, MC Gypsy Joker Cape Town, Mijo, Indianer, C. Dunkel, Alf, Fam. Schmerbach, the Punks from Weißenborn, "Die Punkrocker vom Milchhof", all the former (more to less known...) east german student clubs, open air parties and at least thousands more which shared their time with me in music and fun.

additionally i want to say thanks to

Fred Welsh, Andy Farnell, Khaliq Glover, Mick Guzauski, Fab Dupont, Andrew Sheps, Luca Pretolesi, Toni Maserati, Thor Zollinger and many others for sharing some deep insights into their craft, workflows and philosophy.

a special thank goes to

my family who gave me the time and space i needed, to my father for introducing me into drums and perc and taking me on travel with his band, orchestra, beat- and big-bands as i as a very young child.

how you can reach dettenbach audio