MBaseBrane11 - World of Kicks & T-Bridges

modern music styles strong rely on kick, base & other perc sounds - they play a more and more center role with much more musical focus on. hundreds of sample kits with thousands of samples recorded from many different hard- and software synths are out today, but until today professional top producers work with their own samples. they layer, sculpt and process them byself what gives their personal sound and tone, groove and feel - the life to their music.

this is our try to produce the "ultimative" sample kit for kick / base drums and t-bridge oscillator / resonator system sounds for professional usage in the different popular music genres today - from hip-hop to RnB over trap to EDM til electro. "ultimative" means samples on the highest level of technical as musical quality from the viewpoints of pro producers / artists - with highest flexibility for further processing / stacking / layering.

all samples are mutli-sampled to 3 different velocities which could be used as 3 different articulations instead too. we did a lot of "shots" out of the partly chaotic signals products to ear-select the best shots and hand crafted the sample starts and ends down to single sample level. while most samples available until today are cutted very early to save memory / download size, many samples come with very low but musically helpful "dynamic noise" from the interaction of the signal with the studio recording chain which can be used for bringing further life into the mix (or as a "dynamic dithering") (read more about this in the README of the pack).

this is not another XY one-shot sample collection of artist YZ which brings one shots of fully processed and compressed single samples - it is a approach to record, use and work with samples musically as top pros do it for themselves.

important: contrary to the most e-drum sample collections for artists / "end users" - these raw samples are not influenced by any (artifical dynamic) compression for maximum dynamics and signal content. some samples can consist very high peaks in relation to the overall level / volume / loudness. i recommend to use your own compression, limiting or clipping techniques to shift volume / loudness as transient-behaviours as desired for your special needs / applications. the "ferrum" samples have slightly less dynamics due to (very slight) "natural" compression by the tube and ferromagnetic circuits with a slightly, but highly musical / psycho-acoustical analog noise floor.

more demos follows soon

the recording chains

both sound generators are sampled over two independent high class studio recording chains without any analog emulations. As each „shot“ of these instruments generates a more or less unique signal / sound, all samples are ear selected and hand crafted on single sample level to find the best entry and end points.

for semi-pros who typically use pre-processed samples, the difference of both variants may sound „small“ and might be even not to hear for each sample on smaller / cheaper audition environment.


the „raw“ chain consists of a high class precision class A FET DI and pre amplifier which feeds the Line IN of a high precision studio ADC over shortest low noise cabeling pathes (<1m sum). this chain was tuned to bring out the most "clean" while full dynamic recording out of the analog instruments.

the result is a very authentic, full dynamic sound, with maximum transient authenticity and dynamic room of the devices circuits. These samples are ideal for further flexible procession in your own fx chains and suits musical genres with a more „clean“ approach –ideally for music where drum & perc is very prominent / forward.


the „ferrum“ chain consists of a high class FET pre amplifier with a analog parallel iron hysteresis transformer unit and a parallel analog FET / semiconductor unit for analog „saturation“ - feeding a high class tube DI which feeds the high precision studio ADC.

The result is a bit „thicker“, slightly „compressed“ sound then „raw“ with more „punch“ and „life“ and so ideal for modern Hip-Hop, RnB, Rap, Trapand similiar genres/styles. the slightly lower dynamic with higher content of harmonics / overtones help to get "punch" even on smaller speakers and typical consumer audio devices. as a result, the ferrum samples usually need less to no procession for many musical applications.

the iron transformer delivers typical iron („ferrum“) hysteresis to the transient / low frequencies which „feed“ electronic kicks / base sounds with „punch“ while serving a slight „compression“ effect which gives you more available headroom in your gain staging. the hysteresis produces pleasant, signal dependent phase shifts and harmonic content where the "physical" impression/feeling of "punch" comes from.

the FET / semicon sharpens the attackes / highs very slightly while the tube circuit delivers a very light, but often helfpul „dynamic noise floor“ which could bring beats and tracks to new life. For such applications, the most ferrum samples are recorded much longer then „usual“ and far beyond the signals reaches the noise floor to get the „dynamic noise“ which is generated by interactions of the instruments with the curcuits and could even interact in mixing with other tracks (i.e. in sidechains).

this „dynamic noise“ could be controlled musically by note length, gate or envelopes.

package content

the full version contains 4 full sample banks with >1300 samples of 2 x 220 sounds in different famous sampler and sampling formats.

Each sound is recorded/crafted with 3 velocity levels with -12db for maximum transparency and proper professional gain staging.

Sample Banks

  • MBrane11 – raw
  • Mbrane11 – ferrum
  • MBase11 – raw
  • MBase11 – ferrum

Sample Formats

48 kHz, 24 bit, mono (some special sampler formats which are by their specs bound to lower sample rates/resolutions are in 44,1 kHz and/or 16 bit)

  • AIFF
  • Ableton Live Pack (a pack with drum racks of sampler)
  • Apple Logic Pro (SF2 + EXS24)
  • NI Battery
  • NI Kontakt
  • SoundFont (SFZ)
  • SoundFont 2 (SFZ2)
  • Structure (AIR)
  • WAV


artist demo tracks

These litlle demos are experimental tracks from SILMATTER DJ - a youngster electronic duo from Göttingen / Germany, experimenting with sounds from the MBaseMBrane samples. the tracks created only from samples from the MBaseBrane11 sample collection.


MBase 11
M.Brane 1_1

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