MicroFreak 4 Live

MicroFreak 4 Live is a Ableton Live / Max 4 Live (M4L) MIDI remote control device for Arturias MicroFreak synthesizer.

the project target is to implement any of the (public) available MIDI controls within a Live MIDI device.

thanks to Arturia and his product support for their help.


current is version 0.9.8.

the device should cover any of the available/known MIDI controls now and should be full functional, but is not tested in production.

however, version 1.0 will be reached after more testing in the wild.


  • tests & optimisations
  • add further CCs / MIDI sysex commands if getting available / known in the public

so feel free to comment.

M4L patcher file (version 0.9.8)
Ableton Live device file (version 0.9.8)
feel free to inform us about additional / new known MIDI controls / sysex commands if getting available. many thx
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