this project is from a few monthes ago - the publishing of this stuff had to wait until the launch of our new web site.

after stumbling over the microcontroller code and board layouts of the small 8bit synthesizer i've looked for sources for readily etched boards and found them on tubeohms website. the guy was cool and offered a selection of the most electronic parts including a nice fitting LCD display and some laser cutted material for building a nice box around it too.

the following weekend i fetched my solder iron and soldering tools onto the kitchen table and started with fiddeling the circuits together...ß) 

at "half" of the way after two days of soldering (a few hours each day) on the 4pm filter board and the shruti main board.

ready to stack / attach both boards now

attached / stacked together now

nice - so far ß)

as next step the filter calibration of the 4PM board has to be done, which is a bit tricky. The filter (resonance) "peak has to be in pitch with the "oscillator" (MIDI) note (i.e. a current playing sinus) and rise exactly one octave with a oscillator (MIDI) octave.

ready for closing the box

some little measuring of the first singals coming out of that crying 8bit kiddie... 

With Ctrlr i've found a ready to use plug out VST/AU to "drive" the shruti from modern daw projects.

As the firmware sources are open (open source) it is easy to further tweak and develop on the shruti.

the "bus" is easy to extend and two further CV (or "pedal") ins are easy to attach. some geeks use just pots here or a analog joystick (with X/Y on CV1 and CV2 )